Have you wronged in a martial arts match?
” Wncfs “The only global commission for public justice in the field of martial arts and self-defense
No one has the right to deprive us of the dream we sweat to make it happen.

Send us the video of the race, and reputable international judges from all over the world will publicly make the fair decision that will in justify

Process followed by the World Commission WNCFS:

1-The athlete sends clean video of the match where he considers the result is unfair.

2-defined by the WNCFS three or five distinguished international judges of different nationality of the athletes of the specific match

3-the video is uploaded to the WNCFS page and the selected judges separately will set the points “written” in the specific Second online.

4-There will be an open vote online with the WNCFS program by the certified judges of the world who can write in public and justify their decision.

5-Separate open voting by athletes-coaches and enthusiasts of the specific sport that will deal with the winner’s choice, who can write in public and justify their decision.

In the end, the result comes from everyone based on the majority.